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Foresight Academy follows both 8-4-4 and the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) systems. In line with the Ministry of Education’s directive we are complying with the new curriculum and the following are the inherent changes and benefits: 

It is skills-oriented other than exam oriented. Students will acquire all round skills ranging from sports, academics, choir etc.

The system will allow specialization for students. While at senior secondary, students select subjects they are best suited. This will allow students to excel because they will select their areas of interest. 

Increased quality of examination. Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) are taken seriously since they are part of the overall performance of a student. Competence Based Curriculum (C.B.C) for Students will express their talents and abilities alongside their academic work. 

The out-going system neglected other areas of interests such that teachers spend all the time pushing students to pass exams. Since the system is no longer examination oriented, students will no longer singly be pushed to passing exams but also nurturing the required skills in their fields of specialization.

We are located two kilometers outside Ruaka town after the intersection and termination of the Northern by-pass.

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Today we had our Primary school learners have a talk on ways to prevent and manage the Corona virus from a team from AAR Healthcare. They got to interact with the doctor and ask questions regarding the same.

Earlier in the week, our teachers took them through a practical procedure of sanitizing their hands.
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We at Foresight Academy are taking pragmatic recommendations to prevent infection and spread of the Corona Virus.
This morning, our Kindergarten learners had a talk from a team from AAR on ways to prevent and manage the Virus. We are doing our best to ensure that the environment is safe for our learners and staff.
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